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Kansas high school glass sculptor earns Best of Show

February 25, 2011
"Purple Pendengo" by Alyssa Canfield, Liberal High School

Coastal Bend College HS Art Competition Best of Show: "Purple Pendengo" by Alyssa Canfield, Liberal High School

Download the Coastal Bend College 2011 High School Art Competition Viewbook

Alyssa Canfield, a Liberal High School (Liberal, Kan.) student, earned top honors for her glass entry “Purple Pendengo.” Her Best of Show piece was one of almost 80 entries into the annual juried high school art competition sponsored by Coastal Bend College.

 Emily Bayouth, also of Liberal High School, earned first and second place for her glass entries, “Orange Julious” and “Red Dwarf,” consecutively.

 Courtney Whitney of Three Rivers High School won first place for her collage entitled, “Branches of a Tree.” Samantha Kenedy, also a Three Rivers High School artist, earned first place for her pastel, “Coral Reef.” Three Rivers High School student Dannelle Gentry was awarded first place for “Colors of the Heart,” a watercolor painting.

  Sinton High School artist, Jackie Nunez earned first place for her acrylic painting “Snowflake.” Seleste Schmidt, also a Sinton High School student, got first place in the Three Dimensional category for “Dream Attack.”

 Kristina Alvarado of A.C. Jones High School in Beeville, submitted the first place entry in the Drawing/Ink category entitled “Private Eyes.” A.C. Jones High School student Chelsea Contreras was awarded first place for her mixed media entry “Bob Dylan.”

 Kati Pina, a Taft High School artist, earned first place for her pencil drawing “Denim” and first place for her colored drawing “Under the Sea.”

 The award-winning student work is currently on display in the Simon Michael Art Gallery in Coastal Bend College’s Frank Jostes Visual Arts Building in Beeville. The show will run through March 10. The gallery is open Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

 Some high school art competition winners are offered scholarships to study art at Coastal Bend College.

Winners sorted by school follow.

 A.C. Jones High School:

  • Mixed Media, First Place: Chelsea Contreras, “Bob Dylan”
  • Drawing/Ink, First Place: Kristina Alvarado, “Private Eyes”
  • Collage, Honorable Mention: Laine I. Luthringer, “The Fox Relief”
  • Mixed Media, Honorable Mention: Laine I. Luthringer, “Sections of Art”
  • Mixed Media, Honorable Mention: Kristina Alvarado, “Falling Fruit”

 Kenedy High School:

  • Colored Drawings, Third Place: Erica Rangel, “Fish Pattern”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Third Place: Alyssa Perez, “Fear”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Fourth Place: Alyssa Perez, “Self Portrait”
  • Colored Drawings, Fourth Place: Laurel Vickery, “Spring Flowers”
  • Mixed Media, Fourth Place: Tabatha Irwin, “My Symphony Song”
  • Colored Drawings, Honorable Mention: Priscilla Torres, “Pink and Green Ornaments”
  • Colored Drawings, Honorable Mention: Brittany Gonzales, “Star Struck”
  • Colored Drawings, Honorable Mention: Linda Cortez, “Quilt Pattern”
  • Colored Drawings, Honorable Mention: Linda Cortez, “Study in Abstraction”
  • Three-Dimensional, Honorable Mention: Trey Salinas, “Christmas Lamp”
  • Mixed Media, Honorable Mention: Laurel Vickery, “Violin Impressions”
  • Mixed Media, Honorable Mention: Parth Patel, “The Drummer”
  • Mixed Media, Honorable Mention: Reed Bell, “Shoes”
  • Mixed Media, Honorable Mention: Devyn Schultz, “Electric Guitar”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Miranda Cano, “They Call it Basketball”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Adryana Espinoza, “The Forest Sprite”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Miranda Cano, “Deidra”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Valerie Aquero, “Self-Portrait”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Amanda Clark, “Butterfly in Gray & White”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Cory Perez, “Craig”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Jake Hayrun, “Determination”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Chris Camp, “Samurai”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Jacob Deleon, “Self-Portrait”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Christian Crow, “Tank Force”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Lauren Smart, “Time”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Cody Rodriguez, “The Hospital”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Chelsey Clendennen, “Study of a Tree”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Jacob Deleon, “Breaking Through”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Valerie Aquero, “Fresh Fruit”

 Liberal High School (Liberal, Kan.):

  • Best of Show: Alyssa Canfield, “Purple Pendengo,” Glass
  • Glass, First Place: Emily Bayouth, “Orange Julious”
  • Glass, Second Place: Emily Bayouth, “Red Dwarf”

 San Diego High School:

  • Drawing/Ink, Second Place: Gavino Arredondo, “Untitled”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Second Place: Brittney Soliz, “Still Life”
  • Painting –Acrylic, Second Place: Pedro Ruiz, “China”
  • Painting- Watercolor, Second Place: Dayne Garcia, “Untitled”
  • Drawing/Ink, Third Place: Stephanie Luna, “The Perks of Being a Wildflower”
  • Drawing/Ink, Fourth Place: Stephanie Luna, “All Unquiet Things”
  • Painting –Acrylic, Fourth Place: Pedro Ruiz, “The Hall”

 Sinton High School:

  • Painting –Acrylic, First Place: Jackie Nunez, “Snowflake”
  • Three-Dimensional, First Place: Seleste Schmidt, “Dream Attack”
  • Pastel, Second Place: John Tovar, “Dukes of Sinton”
  • Colored Drawings, Second Place: Jackie Nunez, “Puzzle Pieces”
  • Collage, Third Place: Israel Cancino, “Time Can Steal”
  • Mixed Media, Third Place: Carley Olrich, “Untitled”
  • Painting –Acrylic, Third Place: Demi Lea Garcia, “Bold and in Control”
  • Pastel, Fourth Place: Mariela Estrada, “Love Birds”
  • Mixed Media, Honorable Mention: Jeremy Reyna, “Confide”
  • Mixed Media, Honorable Mention: Jamie Pease, “Simplicity”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Ned Olvera, “Next Generation”

 Taft High School:

  • Colored Drawings, First Place: Kati Pina, “Under the Sea”
  • Drawing/Pencil, First Place: Kati Pina, “Denim”
  • Pastel, Third Place: Fletcher Jones, “Metamorphosis”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Juan Olvera, “War in the City”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Kassandra Aquero, “Lazy Day”

 Three River High School:

  • Collage, First Place: Courtney Whitney, “Branches of a Tree”
  • Painting- Watercolor, First Place: Dannelle Gentry, “Colors of the Heart”
  • Pastel, First Place: Samantha Kennedy, “Coral Reef”
  • Mixed Media, Second Place: Hailey Woodward, “Twisted Color”
  • Collage, Second Place: Hali Newman, “Winter Steel”
  • Three-Dimensional, Second Place: Cristina Salinas, “Strength”
  • Three-Dimensional, Third Place: Brittany Shipman, “Max”
  • Painting- Watercolor, Third Place: Phanara Pon, “Soul Reaper”
  • Collage, Fourth Place: Garratt Wieding, “Crazy”
  • Three-Dimensional, Fourth Place: Alex Salinas, “Carnival”
  • Three-Dimensional, Honorable Mention: Tyler Pullin, “Breaking Free”
  • Three-Dimensional, Honorable Mention: Maegan Haag, “Acting Crazy”
  • Three-Dimensional, Honorable Mention: Rebecca Ruiz, “Confetti Bride”
  • Three-Dimensional, Honorable Mention: Jacob Muniz, “Rex”
  • Mixed Media, Honorable Mention: Brittany Hernandez, “Dead Romance”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Travis Smith, “Exposed”

 For more information about the Simon Michael Art Gallery at Coastal Bend College, contact Jayne Duryea at (361) 354-2322 or


TRiO Day in Alice postponed

February 25, 2011

Today’s planned TRiO Day activities at Coastal Bend College — Alice Campus have been postponed. No additional details are available at this time.

Feria Para Aprender Returning to Corpus Christi on March 5

February 24, 2011

Acclaimed educational model focusing on targeting parents and taking them through educational process from pre-K to college and beyond; The Learning Fair to feature over 70 educational exhibits hosted by numerous nonprofits, community organizations, and school districts from around the region at Del Mar College West Campus

The nationally-acclaimed education program for increased parental involvement and college-readiness in Latino communities, Feria Para Aprender–or The Learning Fair, is once again headed to South Texas. The Second Annual Coastal Bend Feria Para Aprender is scheduled for Saturday, March 5, from 1-5 p.m. in the Emerging Technology Building on Del Mar College’s West Campus in Corpus Christi, Texas (online map available at

The free event is open to the public and presented by Coastal Bend Partners for College & Career Readiness and CommuniCard, LLC. For more information, email Inpiduals can also go to to view PSAs on the Coastal Bend Feria YouTube channel.

Feria Para Aprender is defined as a “mobilization event” with a three-tiered methodology focused year-round on a region’s nonprofit educational alignment, parental navigation and economic development. The program culminates with a Feria where Hispanic and Spanish language communities are shown how to navigate the U.S. education system from cradle to career through a systematic design focused on taking parents and their children through the educational pipeline from pre-kindergarten and primary and secondary education to higher education and careers.

“We’re very excited to bring the Feria Para Aprender back to the Coastal Bend,” says Dr. Janet Cunningham, executive director of the Coastal Bend Partners for College & Career Readiness, the area’s Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board P-16 Regional Council. “Educating our children and ensuring all students graduate college or are career ready is imperative. We know from the new U.S. Census data that Texas has added nearly one million children under the age of 18 and that 95% are Hispanic.”
Supported by a grant from the Coastal Bend Community Foundation, Feria organizers are currently training more than 100 volunteers from educational organizations with a curriculum that will allow these participants to better frame their organization’s message to parents attending the event while helping them navigate through more than 70 educational exhibits and enrichment activities. Parents and their children can expect to learn about and see:

  • the educational pathway from pre-kindergarten to college.
  • career zones focused on critical workforce development areas for the region, including education, healthcare, industry, energy, tourism and fields dependent on study in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
  • reading gardens and theatrical story-readings with over 1,000 books for distribution to participants.
  • a photo visualization area where every child gets a photo in cap and gown or professional attire.
  • mock bilingual education and dual language classrooms.
  • a Commitment Zone where parents and students illustrate their aspirations on a mural.
  • DMC campus tours.
  • expanded Financial Aid areas and workshops.
  • expanded career/workforce exhibits, such as hands-on science and technology activities including robotics and medical demonstrations.

“Del Mar College offers a most appropriate setting for this year’s Feria Para Aprender because ultimately we want parents and children among our Hispanic community to see the higher education opportunities that not only our institution but other colleges and universities in the Coastal Bend offer,” says Dr. Leonard Rivera, interim dean of Student Outreach and Enrollment Services at Del Mar College. “Higher education is the key to prosperity among families and for the region. Parents must be involved in their children’s learning process from pre-kindergarten through college to ensure the Coastal Bend maintains a sound economy.”
“Having produced the Feria Para Aprender across the nation, we know the enormous potential of a second year event to greatly increase a community’s educational capacity and outcomes,” adds Sylvia Acevedo, Feria founder and CEO of CommuniCard. “In many ways, the second annual Coastal Bend Feria will serve as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for parents, teens and children in the region. It will be that one time of year when parents can engage with hundreds of academic experts who underscore the value of a higher education. Young people will have an opportunity to see firsthand the fun and rewarding educational pathways and careers in the marketplace. It promises to be a milestone day for the community.”

Area organizations, school districts, institutions and agencies are helping to organize the second annual Coastal Bend Feria Para Aprender. Partnering organizations include Citizens for Educational Excellence, Coastal Bend Partners for College & Career Readiness, Craft Training Center and the Corpus Christi Regional Economic Development Corporation. Educational agencies include the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Education Service Center Region II, Corpus Christi ISD, Calallen ISD and GEAR-UP/STAR Texas. Universities and colleges include Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, Texas A&M University-Kingsville, Del Mar College and Coastal Bend College.

About Feria Para Aprender: Feria Para Aprender debuted in Austin in 2007 as the vision of workforce strategist Sylvia Acevedo, the CEO of CommuniCard, a firm that works with institutions to strategize with the demographic shifts. The Feria Para Aprender is the nation’s largest Spanish language education event and has expanded to Los Angeles, Calif. where it drew 27,000 attendees in October. During the fourth annual 2010 Central Texas Feria Para Aprender, more than 20,000 books were distributed, the single largest book give-a-way in Texas history. To learn more about the program’s background, read research reports and see prior events held in Texas and Los Angeles, visit

 (DMC College Relations Office ,

Last chance to take nursing entrance exam for fall start

February 23, 2011

 Potential Coastal Bend College nursing students interested in starting in Fall 2011 must take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) now. Testing dates on all campuses are available through March 31.

 All potential vocational nursing and professional nursing students who have not taken the test must contact a test coordinator in Alice, Beeville, Kingsville or Pleasanton for test dates and times.

 Contact the TEAS test coordinator at the campus where you wish to take the test:

CBC Alice Campus

Janie Resendez

704 Coyote Trail

(361) 664-2981 Ext. 3031

 CBC Beeville Campus

Pauletta  Gomez

3800 Charco Road

(361) 354-2544

 CBC Kingsville Campus

1814 S. Brahma Blvd

Jamie Bowers

(361) 592-3746 Ext. 4040

 CBC Pleasanton Campus

1411 Bensdale

Sharon Mayberry

(830) 569-4222 Ext. 1232

 The following directions apply to all potential nursing students:

 Select your campus and time. You may take the TEAS at any campus, but you can only test one time.

  1. Call or email the campus contact to schedule an appointment.  Provide your name, birth date, the date you want to test, and a viable telephone number.
  2. Arrive on the date you select approximately 15 minutes early.
  3. Bring a picture ID and a debit or credit card for the $25 test fee.

Information on Coastal Bend College nursing programs are available at


Coastal Bend College basketball game cancellation

February 22, 2011

Monday’s (Feb. 28) basketball game between Coastal Bend College Cougars and Victoria College Pirates is cancelled. The season ended on Feb. 21.


Tin Roof Tango to perform in Beeville

February 21, 2011

 Tin Roof Tango will perform at Coastal Bend College on March 6 at 3 p.m. in the Gertrude R. Jones Auditorium. The performance is part of the Beeville Concert Association calendar. This concert is made possible with partial funding from the Coastal Bend Community Foundation’s Janet Harte Memorial Endowment Fund.

 After 18 years, a couple of name changes, three successful recordings and over 1000 performances, Tin Roof Tango continues to excite audiences with their trademark high-energy acoustic fusion sound while exploring new musical vistas. At their first

Tin Roof Tango

Tin Roof Tango

performance at the Dallas Menswear Mart, the band (then under the name Instant Irish) was performing exclusively Celtic music. Bandleader Mark Shelton soon added traditional American tunes to their repertoire of Irish music.

 In 1988, the quintet (under the name Folk Like Us) became a part of the Young Audiences of Greater Dallas roster and began to perform Arts-in-Education programs in schools. Today, Tin Roof Tango remains one of the top booked acts on the Dallas roster and is also affiliated with Young Audiences of Houston and the Southeast Texas (Beaumont) chapter as well.

 The band produced its first recording in 1990. In 1992 the Rhode Island based record label released the highly successful An American Christmas selling in excess of 60,000 copies and receiving critical acclaim.

 As the repertoire changed, so has the group’s moniker, and in 1994 the band took on its current name, Tin Roof Tango. April 2000 marked the release of Tin Roof Tango, the group’s current CD, featuring a high energy array of world music repertoire.

 Mark Shelton leapt at the chance to play snare drum in the elementary band program in McNairy County, Tenn. It didn’t quite hit him, at the time, how many drums he might have to carry around in the future. Mark served as Visiting Artist at Wayne Community College in North Carolina before moving to Texas. In addition to playing percussion regularly as a staff musician at Gateway Church, Shelton’s performance credits include work with The North Carolina Symphony, The Shreveport Symphony, and The Dallas Wind Symphony.  

 Jonathan Malone began to learn the guitar while recuperating from an injury. Since that pivotal decision, he has gone on to study recording technology and music at Cedar Valley College in Dallas. In addition to duties with Tin Roof Tango, Malone sings and plays electric guitar in the band, Rolo’s Pocket.

 While attending the University of Oklahoma, Rachel Jarvis studied English and played cello in the OU Symphony Orchestra. Jarvis toured Oklahoma performing for children with Street Players Theatre. After moving to Texas, she created the Mid-Cities Strings music school where she teaches and conducts. Rachel was the principal cellist of the Fort Worth Civic Orchestra from 2000-2004.  A versatile musician, Rachel also performs on violin and viola.

 Born in South Korea, Young Heo moved to the United States during his teen years. Armed with a degree in Jazz Studies from University of Texas-Arlington, Heo teaches guitar, bass and piano in the Dallas area and freelances in variety of settings. Heo performs and records with King’s Region Worship Band.

 Cecilia Hamilton teaches flute at Austin College. With degrees from the University of Alabama and the University of North Texas, Hamilton conducts a community. Hamilton has a strong interest in Baroque flute and early music. An enthusiastic supporter of new music, she has premiered several compositions and appeared at a number of Contemporary music events.

 The concert is free to school-aged children and CBC students with current identification and season ticket holders. Otherwise, admittance is $10 at the door.


Coastal Bend College softball sched changes this weekend

February 18, 2011

Saturday’s Round Robin Softball Tourney in Beeville is canceled.

 Coastal Bend College will play Alvin Community College at Our Lady Of Lake University in San Antonio on Friday, February 18, noon and 2 p.m.


Coastal Bend College celebrates African-American History Month with music from Motor City

February 17, 2011

 Coastal Bend College will observe African-American History Month in Beeville with a free concert performance on Feb. 24 at noon in the James R. Dougherty Student Center (SUB). The event is open to the public.  

 Sounds of the Motor City is a musical revue reminiscent of the Motown-era and Civil Rights Movement. The performance includes the soulful sounds of Jackie Wilson, Otis Redding and Isaac Hayes.

Sounds of Motor City

Sounds of Motor City

 Scheduled performers are Valencia Emanuel, Derrick Baker and Stephon Jones. Emanuel is a graduate of Towson State University (Towson, Md.). She’s worked throughout the country as a performer in Ain’t Misbehavin’, Little Shop of Horrors and Guys and Dolls. She was the first woman to perform in Five Guys Named Moe.

 Baker, a graduate of Westminster Choir College (Princeton, N.J.), is a choreographer and has had leading roles in All-Star Game, Joseph and the Technicolor Coat and Five Guys Named Moe.

 Jones is a graduate of SUNY New Paltz. He’s toured the country as a lead singer with the Drifters and the Platters. He currently sings with J.T. Taylor of Kool and the Gang.

 The group performed in Texas for the first time last year when they visited Coastal Bend College.

 For more information about this event, contact April Flores at (361) 354-2563 or


Coastal Bend College illustrates driving while drunk, texting

February 15, 2011

The National Arrive Alive Tour 2011 comes to Coastal Bend College – Alice Campus on March 2, 9:30 a.m.-noon and CBC Kingsville Campus on March 2, 2:30-5 p.m. This is one of the highest-ranked drunk driving and distracted driving prevention programs in America. The program uses high tech simulation, impact video and a number of other resources to educate students about the dangers of drinking and driving, as well as texting while driving.

UNITE presents the Arrive Alive Tour for all level of students from elementary school to university. Programs are designed to heighten awareness to the dangers and consequences of drunk driving and distracted driving.

Recalling the old adage: there is an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, Patrick DeGrasse, UNITE executive director, says, “We want to be that ‘ounce of prevention’ before the ‘cure’ is needed. We endeavor to continue to be the number one health and wellness organization in America.”

UNITE brings its prevention program to schools, colleges and universities around the country.

For more information, contact April Flores at (361) 354-2563 or

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Healthcare services programs certified by national association

February 15, 2011

 Coastal Bend College Continuing Education’s phlebotomy and medical office assistant programs were recently certified by the National Healthcare Association. NHA is nationally accredited, which means that all participants have the opportunity to be nationally certified after successfully completing the exam. Program completers can become certified phlebotomy technicians or certified medical administrative assistants. The continuing education program includes a 16-contact hour preparation for the credentialing exam which is administered at CBC Lott-Canada Facility.

 For more information about these and other continuing education programs, contact Nora Cartwright at (361) 362-2633 or



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