Coastal Bend College Beeville Campus Celebrates TRiO Day

Headline: Coastal Bend College Beeville Campus Celebrates TRiO Day

Sub headline: Seven award recipients to be announced

Beeville, TX- The Coastal Bend College (CBC) Beeville Campus will participate in the annual nationwide TRiO Day celebration on Friday, February 27, 2015, at 9:30 a.m. in the Gertrude R. Jones Auditorium.

An awards ceremony will take place with seven awards being presented to students who are currently in TRiO programs or have been a part of a TRiO program. A CBC College Fair will also take place and all students who are in attendance will have the opportunity to participate. CBC will have representatives from each program that is currently offered on campus available to discuss higher education opportunities.

TRiO Day is a celebration that takes place to reflect on the achievements of the various TRiO programs that are offered and the low income, first generations students that are served. Without these federally funded programs, that aid students ranging from middle school to post baccalaureate, students would not have access to a higher education.

CBC Beeville has hosted TRiO programs since the mid-1970s with four of the eight currently being offered to students. The four programs that are offered at CBC Beeville include Upward Bound (UB), Upward Bound (UB) Ghost, Educational Talent Search (ETS) and Student Support Services (SSS).

UB, with an annual award of $382,500, aids high school students in grades nine through 12 through the process of preparing for a higher education. There are currently 85 students in the program from various high schools in the surrounding area. UB currently serves students from Mathis, Pettus, Skidmore-Tynan and Beeville.

UB G.O.S.T. is a program that was developed to provide participants with instruction in topics such as science, mathematics, composition and literature. With an annual award of $250,000, U.B. G.O.S.T. is able to provide high school students with supplemental instruction after school, on the weekend and throughout the summer. There are currently 50 students in the program from high schools in the surrounding area. UB G.O.S.T. currently serves students from Sinton, Odem, Taft and George West.

ETS, which is a result of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Higher Education Act (HEA), is currently celebrating their 50th Anniversary. With an annual award of $290,709, ETS is able to provide its services to 671 high school students in grades nine through 12. Throughout the duration of the program students are provided with career and academic counseling, information about college admissions requirements, scholarships and financial aid. ETS currently serves students from Odem, Refugio, Kenedy, Runge, Beeville, Karnes City, Pettus, Skidmore-Tynan and Three Rivers.

SSS, with an annual award of $ 281,511, provides services to 204 students who are currently enrolled at CBC. This program is geared toward exposing students to options after they have completed their associate’s degree or certification program at CBC. Opportunities are created for students to uncover career options in their field of study, graduate programs to continue their higher education and professional programs for technical training in their field of study.

For more information about the TRiO programs that are offered at CBC please visit, If you would like to speak with one of the four programs directly please contact the ETS office via phone at (361) 354-2706, the U.B. office via phone at (361) 354-2715, the U.B. G.O.S.T. office via phone at (361) 354-2746, or the SSS office via phone at (361) 354-2722.

CBC Dual Enrollment to host Oil & Gas Technology Program Showcase

Headline: CBC Dual Enrollment to host Oil & Gas Technology Program Showcase

The Coastal Bend College (CBC) Office of Dual Enrollment is pleased to announce the CBC Oil & Gas Technology Program Showcase at Karnes City High School on Thursday, February 26, 2015 beginning at 12 p.m. This event will provide high school students in the surrounding area with an in-depth look at the Process Technology Mobile Trailer.

George Fiegel, a CBC Oil & Gas Dual Enrollment Instructor, will provide high school students with a demonstration, tour, and presentation on how the Process Technology Mobile Trailer is utilized at CBC. All of the state-of-the- art equipment that is currently housed inside of the Process Technology Mobile Trailer is supplemental material that is used by oil & gas instructors to reinforce the concepts that students are learning during the lecture portion of their courses.

The Process Technology Mobile Trailer contains equipment such as a mechanical training system, programmable logic controllers (PLC) suitcase trainers, basic electricity trainers, a pneumatics trainer, and a hydraulics trainer. Through the utilization of this equipment, CBC students receive the hands on training that they will need as they enter the workforce after graduation.

Representatives from CBC will be available to answer any questions high school students or staff may have in regards to specific certifications that CBC offers through the oil & gas program, the type of degree that a student is able to obtain if they wish to pursue a higher education in oil & gas, and the steps that are required for a student to participate in CBC’s dual enrollment program.

If you have any questions regarding the CBC Oil & Gas Technology Program Showcase or if you are an area high school that would like to attend this event with your students, please contact the CBC Office of Dual Enrollment via email no later than Feb. 24 at

CBC Alice Site to host TRiO Day

Headline: CBC Alice Site to host TRiO Day

Sub headline: Two 2015 TRiO Outstanding Students to be announced

The TRiO Educational Talent Search Program will celebrate TRiO Day on Friday, Jan. 30 beginning with registration at 8:30 a.m. at the Coastal Bend College (CBC) – Alice Site. TRiO Day will conduct concurrent sessions that highlight college and career readiness topics for all high school students who attend. Two students will also be recognized at the event as the 2015 TRiO Outstanding Students.

TRiO Day is an annual nationwide celebration that recognizes the value of programs such as TRiO. The celebration takes place to commemorate the positive impact that TRiO has on its students and to reflect on the higher education opportunities that are created through the program.

This program creates accessibility of higher education for disadvantaged high school students throughout the area. Through TRiO, CBC proudly offers the Educational Talent Search (ETS) program. ETS is a program that identifies and assists students who have the desire to pursue a higher education. The program offers students financial, academic and career counseling. ETS also encourages high school students, who are in the program, to graduate from high school and continue on to complete their higher education.

ETS counselors aid students in pursuing a higher education and provide guidance through the application process for their secondary education. The overall goal of ETS is to increase the number of high school and higher education graduations of youth who are from disadvantaged backgrounds.

With an annual award of $ 230,000, the Educational Talent Search program at the CBC Alice Site proudly serves high school students from Alice, Benavides, Falfurrias, Freer, Orange Grove, Premont and San Diego.

If you would like more information, please contact the Educational Talent Search Program via phone at 361-664-2981 ext. 3081 or via email at

Over 40 CBC faculty members awarded new academic ranks

HEADLINE: Over 40 CBC faculty members awarded new academic ranks

BEEVILLE, TX—At the Coastal Bend College (CBC) Board of Trustee regular meeting on January 21, 42 faculty members received new academic/professorship ranks as part of the College’s faculty title system. Each fall semester, faculty may submit an application to be granted either the assistant professor (0-4 years experience), associate professor (5-10 years experience), or professor (over 10 years of experience) title. Congratulations to the following faculty members on their new titles:

Assistant Professors: Jennifer Arismendez, Jarod Bleibdrey, Charles Daniels, George Fiegel, Gino Garza, Kimberlee Garza, Katherine Gifford, Janet Gonzalez, Stephanie Guardiola, Loana Hernandez, Karen Jordan, Audrey Lorberau, Linda Millard, Cynthia Newton, Richard Olivares, Nicole Poritsanos, Melanie Reeves, Leonard Scott, Richard Trevino and Kimberly Verrilli.

Associate Professors: Brian Anderson, Robert Coley, Kathleen Cuyler, Phyllis Garcia, Salvador Garza, George Guidry, James Hunt, Lavinia Isassi, Larry Mendez, Jr., Angelica Rea, Joel Schmit, Irma Trevino, Ludie Tyran and Ronika Williams.

Professors: Mark Brown, Karl J. Clark, Karyn Mills, Christi Morgan, Enrique Rodriguez, Margaret Rojas, Mark Secord and Jack Young.

Faculty Senate President Daniel Vernazza presented information about the faculty senate. As president, Vernazza serves as the liaison to upper administration by working alongside Vice President of Instruction Dr. Kyle Wagner to bring forth ideas, concerns and information from the faculty members. The senate meets on a monthly basis and is open to all CBC faculty members from all CBC locations. Minutes, agendas and by-laws are available on their website at

The Board of Trustees approved various local policies as part of the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) annual update, and they also approved a resolution authorizing early turnover and additional penalties to be collected from delinquent personal property taxes. The resolution authorizes the Bee County Tax Office to collect monies owed from property taxes in a more expedient manner.

During the president’s report, CBC President Dr. Beatriz T. Espinoza highlighted several accomplishments by CBC students and staff. The A.C. Jones High School Welding Team took home 1st place honors at the American Welding Society’s (AWS) Welding Competition in Robstown on January 9. The welding students are enrolled in CBC’s Dual Enrollment Program, which awards high school students with college credit for courses. To date, the program provides dual enrollment services to over 32 high schools in the South Texas region. For more information about the dual enrollment program, please email or call (361) 354-2714.

The CBC Marketing and Public Relations Department received notice of being a college finalist in the social media marketing category for the National Council on Marketing and Public Relation’s (NCMPR) prestigious Paragon Awards that recognize outstanding achievement in communications at community and technical colleges. It is the only national competition of its kind that honors excellence exclusively among marketing and PR professionals at two- year colleges. The college will be awarded either a bronze, silver, or gold Paragon Award at the NCMPR National Conference in Portland, OR in March 2015.

About the CBC Board of Trustees:

The CBC Board of Trustees is comprised of seven elected trustees that serve six-year terms. Their regularly scheduled meeting is on the third Wednesday of every month at 5:30 pm on the Coastal Bend College Beeville Campus, Robert J. Beasley Administration Building inside the Sandy Dirks Board Room. Meeting notices, agendas and board packets can be found online at

CBC brings Freedom Writer to Beeville campus to inspire faculty and staff


Photo Cutline: Manny Scott, an original Freedom Writer whose story is told in part in the 2007 acclaimed Hollywood movie, Freedom Writers, will be on the CBC Beeville campus on Friday, August 8 to speak to faculty and staff.

CBC brings Freedom Writer to Beeville campus to inspire faculty and staff

Coastal Bend College (CBC) faculty and staff will have the opportunity to attend a professional development session with Manny Scott, an original Freedom Writer, on Friday, August 8 at the Leadership Symposium taking place on the CBC Beeville campus.

An original Freedom Writer whose story is told in part in the 2007 hit movie Freedom Writers starring Academy Award Winner Hilary Swank and Grey’s Anatomy’s Patrick Dempsey, Scott has energized over a million leaders, educators, volunteers, and students worldwide with his authentic, inspiring messages of hope. Speaking to over 125 groups a year for the past decade, he is the speaker of choice for conferences, conventions, schools, fundraisers, and banquets.

The author of Dream Now: How to Take Hold of The Live You’ve Always Dreamed About, Scott’s unique message is one that has inspired, educated, and empowered almost a million people, helping them make the most of their lives.

At the age of fourteen, Manuel dropped out of school, and his English grammar was so poor that he was classified as an English as a Second Language student (ESL). By the age of 16, he had already lived in 26 different places. At an early age, he began using drugs and alcohol.

He says, "When I look back, I now see that I was heading down a path that would have destroyed me."

However, due to an amazing transformation, Scott has defied all the odds stacked against him.

"I was once dismissed as ‘unreachable’ and ‘unteachable,’ says Scott, "but something special happened, and I love sharing that message with others."

The high school drop-out now holds degrees from the University of California at Berkeley and Trinity International University. He is currently working on his Ph.D.

Scott’s appearance at CBC is made possible by the Title V Celebrando Educación grant. The grant’s goal is to improve retention and completion rates and increase enrollment in technical and/or professional occupational fields of study at CBC.

“The purpose of the Leadership Symposium is to learn, lead, and inspire. This symposium will provide information for dual enrollment adjunct instructors and staff that will enhance CBC’s current student success initiatives. We strive to ensure that each student has the same access and opportunity to succeed at CBC. Manny Scott will provide new perspectives in working with students by shedding light on the various challenges that today’s teens face as they navigate their way through college,” said Santos Jones, CBC Title V Cooperative Coordinator.

All CBC faculty and staff who attend the Leadership Symposium will earn professional development hours. In addition to Scott’s motivational speech, participants will also receive information about Campus Connect, Blackboard, and student retention best practices/strategies.

“I do not speak to impress people,” Scott explains, “but to impress upon them some invaluable lessons that could literally change the quality of their lives forever. When I speak, I try to make sure audiences are crystal clear about how to ‘turn the page’—to transform their lives. Whether I’m in Houston or Hong Kong, Kansas City or Cairo, Los Angeles or London, I carry a torch light of inspiration into the recesses of dormant potential, and show the gems that are sparkling there.”

For more information about attending the Leadership Symposium featuring Manny Scott, contact Santos Jones at (361) 354-2426 or faculty/staff can register online at